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Herbal Colon Care. Healing Without the Painful Camera

Wise Eyes
Online Iridology Analysis in
Hamilton, Ontario

Diagnosing Disease and Promoting Health by Studying the Iris

Your Iris is a complete blue print of your health and genetic heredity, and can help identify illness before it manifests. The eye gives a detailed map of your whole body and health from conception to now. The iris provides the most holistic view of your entire being.

One visit to a qualified Iridologist will promote a change in your life. Learning how to interpret the information of the iris (the map of the body), takes many years of observation and qualified skill. Understanding this information is key to managing your well-being. After an Iridology consultation you will understand your body and know specifically which areas need healing.

When you visit a doctor, you try to tell them what is wrong with you. When you have a consultation with an Iridologist, you learn about your health, your self, and where your areas of weakness and strengths lie. Understanding your health condition in such detail, along with deciding where you want your health to be, will ensure your optimal health and happiness. Ultimately your health is in your own hands. After a consultation you will be equipped and empowered with the knowledge to change your health.

An Iridology Consultation with Lucci is inspiring, interesting and highly informative. You will be amazed with the detailed information she provides about you! You will be equipped with a personal herbal plan that will effectively assist you in reaching your health goals. Manageable nutrition and life adjustments are recommended for your individual lifestyle. Lucci will be your confidizer, inspire you, coach you, and promote your healing on your journey to health and happiness.

Booking an Iridology Appointment

Lucci offers both In Person Iridology Consultations and On-Line Iridology Consultations, as well as complete Personalized Herbal Remedy Programs.

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Lucci Examining Tone's Eyes

Lucci with herbs




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