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By: Catherine O’Hara

The eyes, as the saying goes, are the window to the soul. With the help of a magnifying glass and a beam of light, they can also provide a picture of a person’s health.

Lucci Brecevich, a certified Iridologist, uses just such a technique to advise her clients of any problems or physical ailments they may be suffering from.

Iridology is the study of one’s iris. According to Brecevich, the iris is as unique as a set of finger prints. Dating back to the 18th century, the iris has been mapped out to contain a reflection of all body parts. As a form of alternative medicine, iridology helps pinpoint problematic areas all the while working towards a naturalistic approach to cleansing one’s body and mind.

“We observe the various structures, fibres, colours, textures and markings in the iris”, said Brecevich, adding that the iris is made of a cluster of nerve endings.

When looking into the iris, an iridologist must interpret its markings. Using an iridology map of the iris, which dissects eh iris into zones, Brecevich can copy what she sees in the eye and put it onto paper for further analysis.

“We can determine weaknesses and strengths in the body and which organs need healing”, says Brecevich.

According to Brecevich and her iridology map, for example, the centre of the eye represents the colon. Brecevich explained that if the colon were congested, all organs surrounding the colon would directly be affected. If this were the situation for one of her clients, Brecevich would work out a regime that would help cleanse her client’s body. This could include methods such as creating an exercise program or recommending a specific diet and suggesting different hrs and vitamins one should take daily.

“Sometimes, you have to change your lifestyle a little bit”, she said.

Once a program has been designed clients would follow the program and follow-up, if need be, with Brecevich to document the body’s progress.

“You can see healing lines,” said Brecevich. “The results aren’t immediate, it does take time, but if you are diligent with the herbs and cleansing, you will feel the results, and I will be able to see them in the iris too.”

Brecevich was inspired so study iridology when a friend became ill and frequented an iridologist. Brecevich explained that she was astonished by what the iridologist was able at do, and thought this would be a great way to help people in the community.

In order to become a certified iridologist, Brecevich underwent an intensive one-year training session, which included an apprenticeship that allowed her to hone her skills.

Brecevich has been certified for ten years and thoroughly enjoys what she does. This month, she will be taking off to Puerto Rico for a mission’s trip. There, she plans to use her magnifying glass and iridology tools.

“It’s going to be very interesting,” she said. Although some scepticism surrounds the discipline, iridology is recognized as an alternate form of medicine. “We cannot diagnose` any diseases” said Brecevich, “but I can explain some symptoms of illnesses in relation to an organ”.

If Brecevich notices something to do with a man’s prostate or something in relation to one’s sugar levels, for example, she would encourage for the client to follow up with a family doctor.

People may be sceptical before enlisting in a session, but Brecevich feels that after the reading, they are confident about her findings.

During one of her full analysis session, she takes a photo of her client’s iris to better show and explain the story their eyes have to tell.

Although located in Hamilton, Brecevich dedicates a couple days each week to the Waterdown community. She sets up shop, usually Thursdays and Fridays, at Classic Hair Design hair salon located at 331 Dundas St. E.

For more information or to book an iridology reading, please contact Lucci Brecevich at 905-525-2000.