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Country News – JULY 1999 – Milton, Ontario

Windows of the Soul/Mirrors of the Body: Health Analysis through Iridology

By: Ann Starkes - Milton Matters

About 150 years ago, when a boy named Ignatz Von Peczely accidentally broke an owl’s leg, he noticed a black stripe rising in the birds eye. He had the opportunity to observe the bird for several years. Later on as a physician he never forgot the experience and proceeded to observe the irises of patients after accidents and before and after surgery. Dr. Bernard Jenson later pioneered the science of iridology, and his chart is still the most accurate one available today.

Iridology is the science and practice of studying the iris. Through the markings or signs in the iris, the practitioner can assess the individual’s constitution as well as strengths and weaknesses in specific organs and tissues. Once we know which areas are weak, we can work to strengthen them.

Linda Brecevich, Iridologist from in Hamilton, Ontario, conducts an Iridology Analysis on patient Donna Wilson.

Like miniature TV screens, the eyes record like a journal. The main advantage of Iridology is the changes appear in the iris before the physical symptom develops, and preventative action can be taken. It doesn’t reveal specifically named diseases because many diseases create similar changes in the body tissues.

Linda Lucci Brecevich, local Iridologist at ‘Thyme for you” , explains that our organs communicate through he nervous system to the brain, and the nerve patterns are reflected in the eyes. During Linda’s initial consultation, she can see acute, sub-acute and chronic degenerative diseases. That means she can tell whether a condition was inherited, present for a long time or recently acquired. She normally recommends herbal, food and lifestyle changes. In a couple f weeks she usually sees healing lines in the iris. The shape , colour and depth tell her how the suggested treatments are progressing.

As a founding member of the iridology Association, Linda is working with others to standardize training. The Canadian Institute in Etobicoke was formed in 1990 to provide topnotch Practitioners by the iridology Association of Canada. For information on one of the fastest growing fields in alternative health call 416.231.6298, fax 905.825.0063, or call toll-free at 1.800.647.5755.